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29. March 2022

CHEMBA: The disposable totally encapsulated suit – in a class of its own. CBRN – for firefighters and emergency teams

Gas-tight type 1a-ET totally encapsulated suits are limited use suits designed to protect emergency responders from toxic and corrosive gases, liquids and solid chemicals. There are generally two options for the end user with different performance ranges for CBRN operations –disposable and reusable suits.

The gas-tight CHEMBA disposable totally encapsulated suit is an indispensable garment for unlimited NBC operations as well as measuring and reconnaissance tasks by fire services. It is also used in industry for light work, such as gas and measuring tasks, decontamination and disinfection.

The CHEMBA meets the highest mechanical and chemical protection standards according to EN 943, as lab-tested with actual chemicals.

Its double-walled construction provides maximum safety. It can be used without restrictions according to EN 943.

Further features include a signal orange colour, an ultra-resistant, flexible PTFE visor, safety valves, covered safety zip and an integrated, durable and ergonomic glove system. The suit can optionally be fitted with footlets or boots and/or a forced ventilation system.

The CHEMBA is the best disposable totally encapsulated suit on the market – high performance guaranteed.

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