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Fire Training Altensteig / Calw


Our trainings take place at various locations in Germany and have specific topics relating to the use of CPS*, turnout gear and PPE*. Please find out more about the options and course contents at each location, and make your course booking for yourself or a group using the contact form for your chosen location. For the training sessions, you need valid proof that you are fit to use breathing apparatus (G26). Also read the conditions of participation.

CPS* = Chemical protective clothing
PPE* = personal protective equipment


Samstag, 08. Juni 2024
Samstag, 14. September 2024

REAL–TIME TRAINING at Black Forest Altensteig/Calw

Firefighter turnout gear

Operations simulation with experienced trainers. Topics:

• Operations simulation with experienced trainers
• Content of turnout gear training:

  • TESIMAX turnout gear (with heat protection underwear) in wood-fuelled fire container
  • Theory training in the basics of fire development
  • Practical fire room training
  • Practical training in using hoses
  • Correct action in hazardous situations
  • The unique fire container training facility consists of six connected shipping containers, which are arranged in several storeys. The containers have wood firing points at various locations and can be arranged and furnished to simulate different of scenarios. Using wood as fuel for the fire, allows an accurate reproduction of the conditions of a real-life fire scenario.

• Including theoretical instruction from TESIMAX and the fire trainers
• Course duration: 1 day (food & drink included)
• Some TESIMAX PPE will be provided; SCBA is available on site
• Please ask us for further information
• Limited number of courses and participants – make sure you register in good time!

Highlight: Safe deployment with particle protective clothing from TESIMAX and heart rate monitor.