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Cleaning – disinfection – reconditioning of turnout gear

Your benefits at TESIMAX:

To achieve optimal and hygienic cleaning while maintaining the laundry’s protection properties, the reflectivity of reflective stripes and the colour permanence of the outer material, only detergents and disinfectants specially developed and tested for this area of application should be used – carried out by TESIMAX-certified service partners.

  • Effective – standard delivery time 1 to 2 weeks
    • Delivery via TESIMAX or directly to your Servicepool partner
    • Contact TESIMAX for the delivery address.
  • Professional reconditioning
  • Any repairs can be carried out immediately thanks to our direct cooperation with TESIMAX service partners following approval of the cost estimate.
  • Functional component inspection and testing
    • Inspection of signal stripes according to 3M/EN specifications, incl. for brown discolouration under thermal influence (fire container/operation)
    • Visual inspection of outer fabric, membrane and lining
    • Visual inspection and function testing of the integrated TESIMAX T-FIX rescue harness (closure/production date)

Your valuable protective equipment is ready for use again promptly – fully functional, washed, re-impregnated (if required) and dried. The thorough but gentle washing processes ensure that the expensive impregnation is treated with care and retains its value and effectiveness. All components are matched, tested and approved. Environment-friendliness is guaranteed!

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For further information, see the TESIMAX Servicepool leaflet*

Service Modules


(Module 1)

The (TESIMAX) firefighter protective clothing in accordance with EN 469 / technical clothing in accordance with EN 11612 is gently washed, dried and impregnated (REAL REUSABLE BIO CF6 impregnation according to TESIMAX specifications) using the best available washing technology and special detergents.

Documentation about TESIMAX RFID transponder system and SERVICEPOOL PARTNER system. IMPORTANT: TESIMAX documentation is a prerequisite for the TESIMAX warranty & confirmation to retain its validity!


(Module 2)

All services from module 1.
In addition, TESIMAX protective clothing is tested according to TESIMAX manufacturer specifications after washing and impregnation. The tests include a simple visual inspection and functional testing of the fabrics (tensile and transverse tearing force), fasteners, integrated chest straps and safety belts, functional membranes with seams/cross seams (partial pressure test) as well as a check of the reflective stripes according to 3M specifications. The check is fully documented:
– via integrated TESIMAX RFID transponder and database software
– or via the Servicepool Partner System
– or via a customer-specified system (please enquire)


(Module 3)

All services from modules 1. and 2.

The PPE is cleaned in accordance with RKI (VAH) specifications.

They are returned 100 % clean including a bactericidal, fungicidal and virus-inactivating treatment during washing.

Fast turnaround times, problem-free reconditioning, professional repairs

Thanks to the direct cooperation between TESIAMX and the TESIMAX SERVICEPOOL PARTNERS, necessary repairs are identified quickly (module 2/3) and repaired according to your specifications.

How does it work?

  • After the washing and cleaning, the protective clothing is sent directly to us (will be charged).
  • We examine the protective clothing and provide you with a cost estimate.
  • - When we receive your approval, we repair the protective clothing within 2 weeks and send it directly to you.


It couldn’t be simpler. Trust TESIMAX SERVICE!