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Geschichte des Unternehmens

History of Tesimax


“There are companies in the world that are larger than Tesimax” says Sven Altinger, who leads the company together with his sister Sabine Egner. “But in the technology we are the leaders.”

And not just in Germany: Whether in Russia or China, Wherever we go: we are understood.

With a worldwide centrally managed network, we are seen as a streamlined, convincing and flexible enterprise.

In the 1980’s our heat protection products were used in the successful extinction of gas fires in Kazakhstan, then still the USSR. Although an impressive achievement at the time, it was only the beginning of a development that is continuing to this present day. We do what we know best, because we know: our principle works. Others know it too and come to us. Get in touch with us and find out for yourself.

We are here to help.

The company’s cornerstone

Company founder Winfried Altinger was born on 09/ 01/1940 in Pforzheim, Germany. His career milestones include:

1954 – 1958

Apprenticeship and employment as toolmaker

1965 – 1972

Technical draughtsman/designer; later technical salesman in Pforzheim

1971 – 1979

Field sales representative for protective clothing

The first generation – Growth and development

From 1979

TESIMAX is born: Winfried Altinger establishes the company in the “Golden City” of Pforzheim. The tailor workshop is managed by Winfried Altinger’s grandmother, master tailor Erna Metz.


Relocation to Pforzheim. New development and sale of asbestos-free, aluminized heat protection equipment – a first for Germany.


Development of the chemical protection suit VS 10 WIPAN and delivery to the fire department of Rheinland-Pfalz.


Approval of the unique VS 10 SYKAN® 3 with Kevlar® and its presentation in the Las Vegas Convention Center in cooperation with DuPont®. More than 40 patents and utility models; international awards, for example Silver for Winfried Altinger for special merits from the Swiss Fire Brigade Association.


Relocation to Huchenfeld. Start of apprentice training and production of firefighter clothing (EN 469, HuPF). Further product certifications and new developments.


Introduction of the heat and chemical protection suit VS 10 SILVERFLASH®, which remains unique to this day. VS 10 SILVERFLASH®.

The second generation – departure for new shores


Relocation to Neuhausen-Steinegg. Winfried Altinger’s daughter Sabine Egner and son Sven Altinger take on the company’s management as partners. Winfried Altinger becomes Senior Chief Executive and continues to be actively involved in the company’s running.


Expansion of the company premises with a new warehouse.


TESIMAX patents its ANGEL LIGHT® and ANGEL SIGNAL® technology for chemical protection suits. A milestone: The intelligent protection suit.


New partnerships and customers in Asia, the Middle East and Australia. TESIMAX says goodbye to the company’s founders and is Senior Executive Winfried Altinger.


Expansion of the company headquarters and opening of the flagship store.


- Outfitters of the German disaster relief organizations and federal authorities for lightweight reusable protection suits to EN 943 Parts 1 and 2 (ET).
- Integration of smart sensor systems in PPE


Outfitters of the German federal authorities with lightweight disposable protective equipment


- Further development of the patented SILVERFLASH fabric and the ANGEL CONTROL smart sensor system.
- Introduction of the first generation of the high-performance Power Shell fabric in firefighter protective clothing together with Kermel and Trans-Textil.


– europaweite Lieferung der Anti-Corona Schutzanzüge (wiederverwendbar)


– Teilnahme und Produktpräsentation auf der INTERSCHUTZ in Hannover

The third generation – going strong at home and abroad

Partner for more than 2000 customers throughout the world in the fields of firefighting, maritime, industry, military and civil authorities