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Proven in extreme situations.
PROVEN IN EXTREME SITUATIONS – The intelligent protection suits 2018-05-10T15:49:00+00:00

PROVEN IN EXTREME SITUATIONS – The intelligent protection suits

The true reason for our success is based on a perfect team, a passion for the product and many years of experience. A level of commitment that goes beyond the call of duty and solid expertise reflect the strengths of this family-run business.

TESIMAX chemical protection suits have proven themselves in many extreme situations for more than 38 years: on high seas, in industry, in gas and oil fires, nuclear power stations, with fire departments and disaster control units around the globe.

The demands of these applications continually push the development of ever better protection equipment.
That is our core activity: We develop solutions, also in cooperation with you, to create tailored solutions to protect you.Consistent development ensures our position as technology leaders in protective clothing.

TESIMAX customers include fire departments, the chemical industry, the automotive industry, utility companies, refineries and even the medical sector and the military.


Chemical protection clothing

Our chemical protection suits, such as the VS 20 SILVERFLASH® are considered state of the art throughout the world and provide the best available level of protection – products you can rely on to keep you safe in extreme situations.

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Firefighter clothing

Custom high-tech protective clothing is part of our tradition – each item can be tailored to perfectly fit both its wearer and the demands of its use.

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Heat protection clothing

In high-temperature environments TESIMAX is your reliable partner, with tailored products that protect you reliably even under the harshest conditions. Nothing is left to chance when you trust in our heat protection clothing.

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Respiratory protection

Respiratory protection equipment is available from very large suppliers. Unlike some, we have specific ideas about how we develop and configure our products in the field of personal protective equipment.

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Combine the superior performance of our protection suits and clothing with your own fitness and stamina in challenging deployments.

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Quality of the future

We are committed to saving and protecting human lives. And don’t think that it just stops there!
Remaining true to our conviction we will continue to do what we do best!

Quality of the future