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7. March 2022

From summer 2022, the next generation of our gas- and liquid-tight chemical protective suits (CPS) will be available.

But before we get into the new German-made PPE (see the respective product categories), we want to give you an overview of the various CPS types: For every activity in NBC CPS deployment, different solutions are available in our unique modular system.

CPS types at a glance

Type 1
DIN EN 943-1:2019-06 (CPS/protective suits approved for industry/works fire brigades in Europe). Protective clothing against dangerous solid, liquid and gaseous chemicals, including liquid and solid aerosols – Part 1: Performance requirements for Type 1 (gas-tight) chemical protective suits; German version EN 943-1:2015+A1:2019 – including supplementary standards:

  • EN ISO 13688:2013, Protective clothing – General requirements
  • EN 388: Protective gloves against mechanical risks
  • EN 14325:2018: Protective clothing against chemicals – Test methods and performance classification for materials, seams, joints and assemblages
  • EN 1073-1:2016+A1:2018: Protective clothing against solid airborne particles including radioactive contamination – Part 1: Requirements and test methods for compressed air line ventilated protective clothing, protecting the body and the respiratory tract
  • Breathing apparatus EN standards: EN 132, EN 136, EN 12021, EN 13274, EN 14593, EN 14594. This category comprises work and emergency assistance in hazard areas with a very high hazard potential.

Type 3
EN 14605:2009-08
Liquid-tight protection suits. Protective clothing against liquid chemicals
Performance requirements for clothing with liquid-tight (Type 3) or spray-tight (Type 4) connections, including items providing protection to parts of the body only (Types PB [3] and PB [4]); German version EN 14605:2005+A1:2009.
This area includes, for example, measuring and monitoring tasks at the periphery of the hazard area with a manageable hazard potential.

Type 4-6
Type 4: EN 14605:2009-08:
Protective clothing against liquid chemicals
Type 5: EN ISO 13982-1:2011-02 Protective clothing for use against solid particles
(in conjunction with EN ISO 13982-2:2005-03)
Type 6: EN 13034:2009-08 chemical protective clothing offering limited protective performance against liquid chemicals
The focus here is on tasks with a low hazard potential, such as decontamination.

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