Firefighter clothing to EN 469

Firefighter clothing to EN 469


Extensive choice of materials (4 assemblies, various colours)

Create your own style: Configure your individual operations system (4 models: V1 to V5)

Integrated ERGO DESIGN elements guarantee a sporty appearance and outstanding comfort for the wearer.

The applied technical solutions guarantee superior quality and safety

Unique, breathable protective pad concept: The air pad.

Innovative rescue belt system: T-FIX

Neck protection

SILVERLINE – the high-visibility package

Material (powered by Kermel®)

Maximum thermal/mechanical protection:

Exceeds the minimum requirements of EN 469 (flashover-tested, CoreFX “double”!)

Highest performance with radiant heat/contact heat

Excellent breathability over the entire service life – also after cleaning/fluorocarbon impregnation according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Can be combined with FR SAFE.

Durable, optimal (industrial) washing and cleaning results (e.g. GM 10)

Optimized UV-/lightfastness of meta-/para-aramid fabrics (e.g. GM 10 and CoreFX). Expected service life: up to 10 years*.

The meta-aramid A 90/A 91 assemblies have a service life of up to 7 years*.
*In each case taking into account environmental, thermo-chemical and mechanical influences as well as reprocessing (see user manual).

In addition, our overgarments meet the extended requirements of e.g. DGUV 205-014 as well as EN ISO 13688 and numerous other tests.

Large range of sizes, including over- and undersizes

Tesimax Cool Performance
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For you to download:

Choose your Design

A 90 rot Jacke Version 1
A 90 rot Jacket
A 91 navy Jacke Version 2
A 91 navy Jacket
GM 10 arizona Jacke Version 3
GM 10 arizona Jacket
CoreFX arizona Jacke Version 4
CoreFX arizona Jacket Version 4
Bsp. GM10 arizona Hose
Bsp. GM10 arizona trousers

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