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24. March 2022

ESK overalls made of Duoform and Tessaform materials

Liquid-tight NBC protective suits of type classes 3-6 according to EN Standards
Cat. III, types 3b, 4, 5 & 6

TESIMAX already presents an even more comprehensive range of disposable protection clothing for limited and unrestricted use by fire brigades, medical personnel and rescue services. The TESIMAX ESK series offers NBC protection against liquids, particles and aerosols, including antistatic equipment (EN 1149).

• ESK protective suits made of Duoform – Standard colour: yellow
– High chemical resistance
– Effective barrier against particle contamination

• ESK protective suits made of Tessaform – Standard colour: grey
– Extended spectrum of chemical resistance
– Also meets the special requirement for protection against organic contaminants and chemical warfare agents while providing an effective barrier against particle contamination.

The use of high-performance components such as integrated, robust chemical protective gloves, PTFE non-fogging visors and high-quality zips with double fabric cover make new deployment tactics possible.

Combined with CE-certified PPE combinations (e.g. FFP 3, various powered filter units, etc.), the TESIMAX modular PPE system enables a tailored solution for every user in industry, emergency services and disaster control.

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