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20. April 2022

Reusable protective suits with high performance technology

The material:
Coated on both sides with POLYRAN, the base fabric is exceptionally lightweight and flexible. It is resistant to most acids and alkalis and many other chemicals. The suits feature elaborately sewn and thermo-fused seam covers.

  •  The standard colour of this mechanically and chemically extremely durable suit is yellow or red (POYLRAN-L and -S).
  • A white “superlight” version is also available. This consists of a matrix base fabric that is coated only on one side.

One-piece protective suit with balaclava inside the hood
for secure fit for facepieces or full-face respiratory masks. Zip with labyrinth cover with hook-and-loop. Elasticated hood, arm and leg cuffs are standard.
Available in sizes from 164 to 194 cm.
Additional equipment and different versions available
Storage life: up to 15 years
Also available as a PPE package, e.g. in combination with the CHEMICAL 2F powered filter unit

ESK 3 POLYRAN personal protective equipment & accessories
Also available as partial protection garment (poncho) or totally encapsulated suit (VS 5, GS 3, VSF 21 series) with extensive accessories, such as powered air respiratory systems, gloves, protective eyewear and boots.

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