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6. April 2022

NBC/CBRN protective suits against viruses, bacteria, chemicals and particles.

Comprehensive protection:
TESIMAX VSF protective suits are indispensable for medical personal protection, in industry and also for light fire service work (for gas and measuring tasks, decontamination squad equipment, disinfection, etc.).

Comprehensive protection for the wearer:

  • Liquid-, spray- and particle-tight
  • Overall / NBC protection: Nuclear (radioactive particles according to EN 1073-2), chemical protection against acids and alkalis (according to EN 14605/EN 943) and biological protection (EN 14126/B)
  • As totally encapsulated / NBC protection: According to EN standards EN 943 1c in combination with type 3 (EN 14126 – B), thus air- and gas-tight (made of SYKAN protective fabric); gas-tight design (also tested against war gases, which covers CBRN protection).
    Each available in the following versions:
  • VSF 21 series = totally encapsulated suit with forced ventilation (integrated powered filter unit)
  • The suits are each available in different sizes.
  • Available in various protective materials, both limited use and reusable.


When protective suits are used multiple times together with other equipment, e.g. against viruses and in combination with breathing apparatus, the suit is exposed to high chemical, biological and mechanical stress. Conventional limited use protective suit reach their limits here. Not so the TESIMAX protection suits:

  • Comprehensive protection.
  • Safe to use and extremely robust.
  • Easily washable and reusable.
  • Environmentally friendly & resource saving, with an expected reuse rate of 50 times per suit. The increased acquisition and reconditioning costs at this reuse rate (50x) are on par with a limited use protective suit.

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