Proven in extreme situations – The intelligent protection suits from TESIMAX.

As manufacturers of chemical protection clothing, heat protection, environmental protection, respiratory protection and firefighter clothing with a history of more than 35 years we are continuing to extend our technological lead. The cornerstone of our philosophy is a corporate culture that fosters our employees’ full involvement and commitment to continual improvement and progress to provide you with products of unsurpassed quality and performance.

TESIMAX® – Quality of the future.


Everest Trial with TESIMAX Functional Underwear   JUST DID IT! The 2016 Team Tesimax has reached the Goal (the Everest-Distance in 48h on a Life Fitness climber), with complete Fire Brigade Clothing on - and [...]

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(EP-PATENT)   Light into the dark? Let ANGEL LIGHT® and ANGEL SIGNAL® guide you. For work in the dark, TESIMAX® chemical protection suits can be equipped with the fully automatic LED lighting system ANGEL LIGHT. [...]

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Save the date. The intelligent protection suits: The newly developed protection suit fabrics combine unprecedented protection against chemicals, mechanical strain and heat with comfort and ultra-low weight. Check it out and come to us one [...]

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