Real-time training

Chemical protection suits (CPS)

  • Operations simulation with experienced trainers – Topics:
    • Donning the protection suit incl. functional underwear (PCS)
    • Example sounding operations
    • Rescue operations (rescue of persons)
    • Sealing leaks
    • Moving about in restricted space
    • Moving about in dark rooms
    • Doffing the protection suit and decontamination tips … and much more
  • For all types to EN 943 for fire brigades (with SCBA worn inside or outside the suit, with forced ventilation and powered filter unit).
  • Including theoretical training by TESIMAX
  • Course duration: 1 day
  • Courses held once a year – book early to secure your place!

Firefighter protection clothing

  • Fire training – realistic training in fire containers
  • The mobile wood-burning fire container provides a realistic training environment for firefighting in buildings, including simulation of flameover and backdraft.
  • Flashover, flameover, backdraft

Dates & locations

  • For dates, please enquire or visit
  • Available at three locations in Germany
  • Please register early


The program varies from site to site.