Reusable protection suits with High Performance Technology (HPT) VS 5 / VS 20 SYKAN® 2

Having been further developed, the SYKAN® 2 chemical protection fabric is now available in the form of gas- and liquid-tight chemical protection suits according to EN guidelines 1a ET (VS 5 or VS 20 SYKAN® 2 and 1b ET (GS 3 or GS 3M SYKAN® 2).

These unique solutions set global standards for protective suits. The materials and patented PTFE seam covers combine the advantage of a robust, elastomer-coated fabric with an integrated, highly chemicals-resistant barrier film. This unique HYBRID PROCEDURE offers emergency services the most comprehensive combination of capabilities such as gas tightness, particle protection, liquid tightness, flame retardance and mechanical strength.

In short: A TESIMAX SYKAN protection suit according to EN 943 offers the best protection in use and redefines the deployment limits.

This unique solution can be combined and used with the patented interchangeable visor of the VS 20 series, the WIPAN CK+ safety gloves and safety boots according to EN 15090.

TESIMAX reusable protection suits are used worldwide by fire brigades, rescue services, the military and industry – with a reusability rate of over 90%!