Respiratory protection

MOBILE AIR – Breathe easy with TESIMAX breathing air systems.

Respiratory protection equipment is available from very large suppliers. Unlike some, we have specific ideas about how we develop and configure our products in the field of personal protective equipment. Our focus is on quality, performance, reliability and safety, and, of course, on helping you breathe easy. Because breathing is a matter of life and death, we place the same high demands on our suppliers.

Our breathing air systems include automatic changeover systems, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and full-face masks, facepieces, filters, powered filter units, cylinder carts and air conditioning stations.


With out unique breathing air system of the MOBILE AIR series …

  • you breathe air that is much cleaner than our breathing air
  • you enhance your well-being through efficient respiratory protection systems
  • you boost your performance with effective breathing apparatus
  • you protect your health at all times to allow you to breathe easy

The MOBILE AIR series …

  • is the result of the know-how of more than 38 years’ experience
  • guarantee the highest European standards
  • provides the perfect respiratory protection for use with our chemical protection suits
  • is ideal for environments in which a sufficient oxygen content in the air can not be guaranteed
  • provide maximum respiratory protection even during long operations

The products of the MOBILE AIR series …

  • offer maximum mobility
  • are used by many fire services and in industry
  • have a proven track record