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Respiratory protection Service Pool

Cleaning, disinfection, reconditioning.


  • Preconditions for the acceptance of respiratory protection equipment is a correct prior decontamination on site by the customer. You must also tell us what hazardous materials each item has come in contact with.
  • Please enclose a brief description of the use to which each item (serial number/external ID number) has been put, what harmful substances it was exposed to and the duration of exposure.
  • The item’s decontamination and preparation for transport must be carried out according to national legal regulations by the fire brigade or the responsible authority (in Germany according to national firefighter service regulation FwDV 500).

Delivery and collection service

You can either send your respiratory protection equipment products to Tesimax yourself or we organise collection for you anywhere
in Europe within our normal business hours.

=> The conditions must be fulfilled in advance!

Further procedure

When we receive your protection equipment, we inspect it and draw up a cost estimate according to the prices listed on the
current (annual) Service Pool flyer. Once you have approved the estimate, repairs of your protection equipment begin.