ESK Series

ESK series: One-piece protective suit

ESK series: One-piece protective suit

  • The standard equipment varies depending on the model
  • One-piece chemical protective suit (CPS) with hood or face seal [ESK 1 PE-D/-T/S3 PE-T] or visor [S5 PE-T/VSF 21 PE-D], which is cut such that it provides a firm seal around a full-face breathing mask.
  • These protective suits offer splash and spray protection against liquid chemicals in the chemical, agricultural and food industry and for fire departments and rescue services.
  • Versions with elasticated arm, leg and hood (standard) and (partly fixed) gloves
  • Sewn and thermally fused seams (varies depending on model)
  • Optimum fit through range of sizes
  • Perfect design also at critical points

ESK models/approvals (according to PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425)

Plus further supplementary standards/approvals (vary, depending on model) apply to ESK protective suits, in particular:


EN ISO 13688 Protective clothing – General requirements

ESK 3 SYKAN 4 Type 3 (EN 14605) = liquid-tight CPS (reusable)

ESK 3 POLYRAN-L Type 3 (EN 14605) = liquid-tight CPS (reusable)
ESK S5 PE-T: Type 3 (EN 14605) = liquid-tight CPS (limited use)
ESK 1 PE-D/+ / S3 PE-T/+/++: Type 3 (EN 14605) = liquid-tight CPS (limited use)
Incl. SOLAS (ESK 1 PE-D+, ESK S3 PE+/++ and ESK 3 POLYRAN-L)
= national BG Verkehr approval for “maritime (on board) uses”

ESK 1 T+: Type 4 (EN 14605) = spray-tight CPS (limited use)
ESK 1 T: Type 5/6 (EN 13034) = particle-tight CPS (limited use)

For further options, see CPS Accessories.