PCS – The TESIMAX Cooling System

This body cooling clothing is made from high-tech textiles, which are charged with water and provide a cooling effect of up to 12°C. The wearer remains dry and can work much more efficiently. This system works absolutely reliably – no logistical effort is required.
COOLINE technology Made in Germany

  • Performance increase of up to 10%
  • Always mobile, fast and flexible
  • Up to 20 hours’ cooling effect
  • Antibacterial, washable and hygienic
  • Environmentally friendly and climate-neutral

Inspired by nature

The best inventions are usually the simple ones. This also goes for the body cooling system that has been specially adapted to the requirements of emergency personnel that work in a chemical protection suit or totally encapsulated suit. Not only do external temperatures create high and unpleasant temperatures inside the suit; the wearer’s body adds to the heat. The topic of regeneration is of great importance in firefighting operations. Under extreme working conditions, such as inside the CPS, it is important to recover quickly from stress. Regeneration with the PCS cooling suit is a fast, uncomplicated and very effective way of enabling personnel to regenerate anywhere and without complex logistics.