Disposable protection suits of protection level 2 and 3

TESIMAX already presents an even more comprehensive range of disposable protection clothing for limited and unrestricted use by fire brigades, medical personnel and rescue services (protection level 2 and 3 according to German national firefighter service regulation FwDV 500).

The TESIMAX ESK series offers NBC protection against liquids, particles and aerosols, including antistatic equipment (EN 1149). The use of high-performance components such as integrated, robust chemical protective gloves, PTFE non-fogging visors and high-quality zip fasteners with double fabric cover make new deployment tactics possible (see ESK S5 PE-T protection suit). Combined with CE-certified PPE combinations (e.g. FFP 3, various powered filter units, etc.), the TESIMAX modular PPE system enables a tailored solution for every user.