Chemical protection clothing – smart suits for maximum safety.

Every product of the TESIMAX® brand provides maximum safety, reliability and quality. Our chemical protection suits, such as the VS 20 SILVERFLASH® are considered state of the art throughout the world and provide the best available level of protection – products you can rely on to keep you safe in extreme situations.

Type 1 A

Gas-tight (PPE inside)

VS 5 Series
VS 20 Series
Type 1 B

Gas-tight (PPE outside)

GS 3 (M) Series
Type 1 C

Gas-tight (without PPE)

VSF 5/20 Series
VSF 21 Series
Type 3


ESK Series
Type 4-6


ESK 1 T plus
Type 5-6



For all activities in the field of NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) requiring special (chemical) protective clothing, we offer special solutions with a unique modular design.

1. Work and emergency assistance in the hazard areas with a very high hazard potential (Type 1, e.g. VS 5 and VS 20 series)
2. Measurement and monitoring tasks at the perimeter of hazard areas with a manageable hazard potential (Types 2 and 3, e.g. ESK series S3–S5 PE)
3. Tasks with a low hazard potential, such as decontamination (Types 3–6, e.g. ESK series ESK 1 PE, ESK 1 T plus, ESK 1 T)
We manufacture chemical protection suits for fire brigades, with built-in full-face masks for industry and military, suits with forced ventilation, training suits, contamination protection clothing for fire brigades and nuclear installations, and light chemical protection suits for industry and civil authorities (disaster relief, police, fire and disaster prevention).

The protection suits are described and approved as per European standard DIN EN 943-1-2 “Performance requirements for gas-tight (Type 1) chemical protection suits for emergency teams (ET)” Both standard DIN EN 943-2 and German national Rule 189 of the employers’ liability insurance association (BG) “Use of protective clothing”, which is often applied to CPS, distinguish between Type 1a (breathing air supply worn inside the suit) and Type 1b (breathing air supply external to the suit).

NBC and/or gas-tight protection suits are split into reusable CPS and limited use CPS. The universal standard clothing for firefighting, however, is the reusable (or “heavy”), gas-tight chemical protection suit. It protects emergency workers from hazardous substances. In addition to the highest achievable chemicals and mechanical resistance, some models also withstand explosive flame and chilled media, such as liquid ammonia. As a rule, fire brigades use reusable CPS of Type 1a (e.g. of the VS 5 and VS 20 series) with breathing air supply worn inside the suit (e.g. forced ventilation systems of series F-AU 1).

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