The SYKAN® series of reusable protection suits with High Performance Technology

Having been further developed, the SYKAN® 2 chemical protection fabric is now available in the form of gas- and liquid-tight chemical protection suits according to EN guidelines 1a ET (VS 5 or VS 20 SYKAN® 2 and 1b ET (GS 3 or GS 3 M SYKAN® 2).

• Approvals according to EN 943, EN 1073, EN 14126, EN 1149
• Gas and chemicals resistant
• Maximum permanent protection against CBRN hazards for up to 8 h (chemicals) / 24 h (war gases)
• Flame retardant
• Cold-resistant: SYKAN 2 up to -80 °C
• Antistatic according to EN 1149
• Reusable without loss of performance
• Available in different versions
• 15 years service life – sustainable and environment friendly
• German-made quality

These unique solutions set global standards for protective suits. The materials and patented PTFE seam covers combine the advantage of a robust, elastomer-coated fabric with an integrated, highly chemicals-resistant barrier film. This unique HYBRID PROCEDURE offers emergency services the most comprehensive combination of capabilities such as gas and liquid tightness, particle protection, flame retardance and mechanical strength.

In short: A TESIMAX SYKAN protection suit according to EN 943 offers the best protection in use and redefines the deployment limits.

This unique solution can be combined and used with the patented interchangeable visor of the VS 20 series, the WIPAN CK+ safety gloves and safety boots according to EN 15090.
TESIMAX reusable protection suits are used worldwide by fire brigades, rescue services, the military and industry – with a reusability rate of over 90%!

Reusable protective suits with high performance technology

The material:
Coated on both sides with POLYRAN, the base fabric is exceptionally lightweight and flexible. It is resistant to most acids and alkalis and many other chemicals. The suits feature elaborately sewn and thermo-fused seam covers.

  • The standard colour of this mechanically and chemically extremely durable suit is yellow or red
    (POYLRAN-L and -S).
  • A white “superlight” version is also available. This consists of a matrix base fabric that is coated
    only on one side.

    One-piece protective suit with balaclava inside the hood for secure fit for facepieces or full-face respiratory masks. Zip with labyrinth cover with hook-and-loop. Elasticated hood, arm and leg cuffs are standard.
    Available in sizes from 164 to 194 cm.
    Additional equipment and different versions available
    Storage life: up to 15 years
    Also available as a PPE package, e.g. in combination with the CHEMICAL 2F powered filter unit

    ESK 3 POLYRAN personal protective equipment & accessories
    Also available as partial protection garment (poncho) or totally encapsulated suit (VS 5, GS 3, VSF 21 series) with extensive accessories, such as powered air respiratory systems, gloves, protective eyewear and boots.

ComprehensNo supply bottlenecks
According to TESIMAX, “our products protect first responders in the fire service, the industrial sector and the medical field, including against the coronavirus. We supply our customers both in Germany and abroad with protective suits MADE IN GERMANY. This means a sustainability guarantee with no supply bottlenecks, both today and in future.”

Superior protection from reusable suits
With the ESK 3 series, TESIMAX offers one-piece virus protective suits in various designs. The range includes versions that are compatible with external ventilation systems. A key selling point of the ESK 3 series suits is their reusability: With a storage/service life of up to ten years, they eliminate the risk of the supply bottlenecks that can occur with limited use protection suits.

Model overview


This one-piece protective suit features a balaclava inside the hood to ensure a secure closure for respiratory masks. Made from high-quality materials in outstanding workmanship, it is breathable and comfortable to wear. Available in sizes 164 to 194 cm, this reusable suit is naturally washable. Its colour is turquoise.

In addition to the features of the ANTIVIR ONE, this model has foot straps, drip cuffs and butyl cuff seals on the arms.

ESK 3 ANTIVIR personal protective equipment & accessories
The ESK 3 series includes aprons with head covering as well as an extensive range of accessories, such as powered air respiratory systems, gloves, eye protection and boots.

Comprehensive protection:
TESIMAX VSF protective suits are indispensable for medical personal protection, in industry and also for light fire service work (for gas and measuring tasks, decontamination squad equipment, disinfection, etc.).

Comprehensive protection for the wearer:
• Liquid-, spray- and particle-tight
• Overall / NBC protection: Nuclear (radioactive particles according to EN 1073-2), chemical protection against acids and alkalis (according to EN 14605/EN 943) and biological protection (EN 14126/B)
• As totally encapsulated / NBC protection: According to EN standards EN 943 1c in combination with type 3 (EN 14126 – B), thus air- and gas-tight (made of SYKAN protective fabric); gas-tight design (also tested against war gases, which covers CBRN protection).
Each available in the following versions:
• VSF 21 series = totally encapsulated suit with forced ventilation (integrated powered filter unit)
• The suits are each available in different sizes.
• Available in various protective materials, both limited use and reusable.

When protective suits are used multiple times together with other equipment, e.g. against viruses and in combination with breathing apparatus, the suit is exposed to high chemical, biological and mechanical stress. Conventional limited use protective suit reach their limits here. Not so the TESIMAX protection suits:
• Comprehensive protection.
• Safe to use and extremely robust.
• Easily washable and reusable.
• Environmentally friendly & resource saving, with an expected reuse rate of 50 times per suit. The increased acquisition and reconditioning costs at this reuse rate (50x) are on par with a limited use protective suit.

CHEMBA: The disposable totally encapsulated suit – in a class of its own.

CBRN – for firefighters and emergency teams

Gas-tight type 1a-ET totally encapsulated suits are limited use suits designed to protect emergency responders from toxic and corrosive gases, liquids and solid chemicals.
There are generally two options for the end user with different performance ranges for CBRN operations –disposable and reusable suits.

The gas-tight CHEMBA disposable totally encapsulated suit is an indispensable garment for unlimited NBC operations as well as measuring and reconnaissance tasks by fire services. It is also used in industry for light work, such as gas and measuring tasks, decontamination and disinfection.

The CHEMBA meets the highest mechanical and chemical protection standards according to EN 943, as lab-tested with actual chemicals. Its double-walled construction provides maximum safety. It can be used without restrictions according to EN 943.

Further features include a signal orange colour, an ultra-resistant, flexible PTFE visor, safety valves, covered safety zip and an integrated, durable and ergonomic glove system. The suit can optionally be fitted with footlets or boots and/or a forced ventilation system.
The CHEMBA is the best disposable totally encapsulated suit on the market – high performance guaranteed.

ESK overalls made of Duoform and Tessaform materials

Liquid-tight NBC protective suits of type classes 3-6 according to EN Standards Cat. III, types 3b, 4, 5 & 6
TESIMAX already presents an even more comprehensive range of disposable protection clothing for limited and unrestricted use by fire brigades, medical personnel and rescue services. The TESIMAX ESK series offers NBC protection against liquids, particles and aerosols, including antistatic equipment (EN 1149).

• ESK protective suits made of Duoform – Standard colour: yellow

– High chemical resistance– Effective barrier against particle contamination

• ESK protective suits made of Tessaform – Standard colour: grey

– Extended spectrum of chemical resistance– Also meets the special requirement for protection against organic contaminants and chemical warfare agents while providing an effective barrier against particle contamination.

The use of high-performance components such as integrated, robust chemical protective gloves, PTFE non-fogging visors and high-quality zips with double fabric cover make new deployment tactics possible.
Combined with CE-certified PPE combinations (e.g. FFP 3, various powered filter units, etc.), the TESIMAX modular PPE system enables a tailored solution for every user in industry, emergency services and disaster control.

From summer 2022, the next generation of our gas- and liquid-tight chemical protective suits (CPS) will be available.

But before we get into the new German-made PPE (see the respective product categories), we want to give you an overview of the various CPS types: For every activity in NBC CPS deployment, different solutions are available in our unique modular system.

CPS types at a glance

Type 1
DIN EN 943-1:2019-06 (CPS/protective suits approved for industry/works fire brigades in Europe). Protective clothing against dangerous solid, liquid and gaseous chemicals, including liquid and solid aerosols – Part 1: Performance requirements for Type 1 (gas-tight) chemical protective suits; German version EN 943-1:2015+A1:2019 – including supplementary standards:
• EN ISO 13688:2013, Protective clothing – General requirements
– EN 388: Protective gloves against mechanical risks
• EN 14325:2018: Protective clothing against chemicals – Test methods and performance classification for materials, seams, joints and assemblages
• EN 1073-1:2016+A1:2018: Protective clothing against solid airborne particles including radioactive contamination – Part 1: Requirements and test methods for compressed air line ventilated protective clothing, protecting the body and the respiratory tract
• Breathing apparatus EN standards: EN 132, EN 136, EN 12021, EN 13274, EN 14593, EN 14594. This category comprises work and emergency assistance in hazard areas with a very high hazard potential.

Type 3
EN 14605:2009-08
Liquid-tight protection suits. Protective clothing against liquid chemicals
Performance requirements for clothing with liquid-tight (Type 3) or spray-tight (Type 4) connections, including items providing protection to parts of the body only (Types PB [3] and PB [4]); German version EN 14605:2005+A1:2009.
This area includes, for example, measuring and monitoring tasks at the periphery of the hazard area with a manageable hazard potential.

Type 4-6
Type 4: EN 14605:2009-08:
Protective clothing against liquid chemicals
Type 5: EN ISO 13982-1:2011-02 Protective clothing for use against solid particles
(in conjunction with EN ISO 13982-2:2005-03)
Type 6: EN 13034:2009-08 chemical protective clothing offering limited protective performance against liquid chemicals
The focus here is on tasks with a low hazard potential, such as decontamination.

In 2022, TESIMAX will be awarded contracts to supply the Hamburg fire brigade and the Salzburg fire brigade association in Austria with state-of-the-art CBRN protective suits made of the SYKAN 2 protective fabric. These will be used in the event of emergencies involving CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) hazards.
The gas and liquid-tight chemical protective suits made of the innovative SYKAN 2 chemical protection fabric offer:
• Approvals according to EN 943, EN 1073, EN 14126, EN 1149
• Gas and chemicals resistance
• Maximum permanent protection against CBRN hazards for up to 8 h (chemicals) / 24 h (war gases)
• Flame resistance, short-term up to +850 °C (e.g. during combustion)
• Cold-resistant, briefly up to -80 °C / -196 °C (e.g. liquid nitrogen)
• Antistatic according to EN 1149
• Reusable without loss of performance
• Available in different versions
• 15 years service life – sustainable and environmentally friendly
• German-made quality

We are pleased about satisfied customers and their trust in our TESIMAX protection suits
Quality of the future.

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Others talk – we act!

The world is changing, and these changes are affecting everyone. In the face of a crisis such as the one we are experiencing right now, we must act immediately, while also preparing ourselves for the future. This includes a focus on regional production and/or at least production within Europe in order to avoid supply bottlenecks and dependencies. As a family enterprise with over 40 years of experience in the production of protective clothing, it is our job to find solutions. And that is exactly what we do. Many of our products are reusable and made in Germany using sustainable production methods.

We have lost no time in developing new products for virus protection at record speed. We are already able to supply our customers with protection suits against COVID-19 and other viruses.

Our products protect first responders in fire services, in industry and in the medical sector.

Stay healthy,Your Tesimax team